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6 Insightful Hospitality Case Studies to Read in 2022 – UC Today

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Examples of Hospitality Companies Embracing UC Solutions
Hospitality companies rely on excellent communication and collaboration to thrive. In a fast-paced world, where employees spend very little time behind a desk, the right communication technology keeps teams synchronised, informed, and ready to deliver exceptional experiences.
Unified Communications solutions provide flexible, scalable, and agile solutions to hospitality companies hoping to keep teams connected in an evolving landscape. The right UC or UCaaS implementation not only strengthens team performance but can also be the key to unlocking higher levels of customer service and reducing business costs.
If you’re looking for insights into what your hospitality brand can achieve with a suitable UC investment, the following case studies are an excellent source of inspiration.
Starting life as a simple small restaurant in the South of London, Honest Burgers has grown into a staple of the UK food landscape, with more than 40 locations across the UK. Of course, to keep these restaurants running smoothly, the Honest Burgers leaders need access to the right tools and technologies capable of empowering their teams.
When the pandemic started to slow hospitality business opportunities around the globe, Honest Burgers decided to act fast. Implementing new tools within the Workplace from Meta landscape, including the bot platform for automation, allowed the team to boost efficiency levels, improve employee experience, and ensure team members could keep their jobs.
The Meta and Honest Burgers case study offers valuable insight into how the right technology can keep companies running in the most challenging times. 
Virtual events and meetings have only recently emerged as a valuable tool in the hospitality space. However, these resources have become a fundamental part of keeping professionals connected in unpredictable circumstances in the last couple of years. 
Radisson Hotel Group, one of the leaders in the hospitality landscape, ensured companies around its hotels could continue to collaborate, present, and communicate effectively with large-scale Zoom meetings. The Radisson Hotel Group decided to invest in Zoom Rooms to bring their team members together for meaningful meetings and empower surrounding businesses to accomplish more. 
The use of Zoom Rooms technology allowed the brand to offer attendees smaller, socially-distanced meeting experiences during the pandemic. With Zoom technology to power faster, more streamlined communication experiences, Radisson could quickly serve its customer’s needs. 
A leader in the travel and hospitality industry within the UK, Original Cottages knows better than most how important the right UC technology can be for scale. One of the keys to the cottage rental company’s success has been the high level of choice offered to holidaymakers. You can find everything from coastal getaways to dog-friendly retreats on the website.
In recent years, Original Cottages has also grown considerably, both through organic expansion and acquisitions. To manage this rapid growth effectively, the brand discovered a new need to implement intelligent new phone system technologies.
The original phone system didn’t give Original Cottages the flexibility they needed. At the same time, RingCentral’s cloud telephony solution ensured the company could continue to thrive, even during the challenges of the pandemic.  
The rapid evolution of the workplace over the last couple of years has prompted countless companies to make significant and rapid changes to their technology stack. For many brands in the hospitality industry, there’s been an increasing focus on concepts like hybrid events and virtual conferencing opportunities. In some cases, these technologies are even opening new avenues of revenue. 
Events and hospitality location Hotel Park Soltau identified the new hybrid event trend in the early stages. They began rapidly offering new and interactive conference experiences designed for specific objectives in the business world. With the help of Logitech, the company introduced the Rally Plus system as a flexible tool for event organisers. 
With Logitech’s help, Hotel Park Soltau not only improved its internal collaboration strategies but also opened the door to serve its customers on another level. 
The historical luxury hotel, exclusive day spa and restaurant “The Old Mill” welcomes thousands of guests to its property every month. However, after several years in operation, the company quickly discovered its outdated communication system. The brand found that the old-fashioned telephony strategy in its hospitality location prevented it from offering the high levels of experience customers were looking for.
Seeing significant room for improvement, The Old Mill decided it was time to update to a more scalable and cost-effective solution. Implementing Avaya IP Office mean the company could unlock the benefits of a hybrid of analogue and digital lines with no impact on end users.
According to the Old Mill, the system was easy to manage, convenient, and perfectly suited for their strategy. Not only was the company able to improve customer service and employee experience significantly, but the Old Mill also managed to reduce costs. 
A leading hospitality development, management, and ownership company, Stonebridge Companies, consists of more than 63 hotels with over 10,000 rooms around the United States. In 2020, when the group decided it was time to improve employee experience and save money, they began working with Microsoft and ECM Wise to enhance their technology stack. 
Using an intelligent migration solution built specifically for the Stonebridge team, the ECM Wise brand successfully migrated all documents and processes into the Microsoft environment. After shifting to Microsoft SharePoint for data storage, the company quickly began leveraging new technologies within the same ecosystem.
Now, Stonebridge also relies on Microsoft technologies to keep team members connected and collaborating effectively via Microsoft Teams while sharing files and content in the SharePoint ecosystem. The transition made perfect sense for a company already using Microsoft Office. 
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