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AISM is the Game Changer to Operationalize and Rapidly Expand Digital Transformation for Enterprises – NewsPatrolling

Posted by: pankaj@bansal July 27, 2022 in Business-News
There are many technologies that enterprises can use to transform themselves digitally, but artificial intelligence in service management (AISM) is quickly becoming a game changer. AISM is an AI-powered software platform that helps enterprises operationalize and rapidly expand digital transformation. This article explores how AISM can be leveraged to accelerate digital transformation effectively in your enterprise.
AISM is an artificial intelligence-based software platform that enables enterprises to leverage AI for more effective service management. AISM provides a complete end-to-end solution that helps enterprises to map their business processes, identify inefficiencies and optimize them for better outcomes. In addition, AISM also offers predictive analytics and real-time decision-making capabilities to help enterprises make better decisions and improve their overall performance.
The different types of AISM
AISM is a cloud-based platform that helps enterprises manage and automate their digital transformation processes. AISM can automate tasks, improve decision-making, and optimize business processes.
There are three types of AISM:
● Platform as a Service (PaaS) Model: This type of AISM provides a platform for developers to build and run their AI models. PaaS providers offer a variety of tools and services that make it easy to develop, test, deploy, and scale the AI models and deploy them to your ITSM application.
● Software as a Service (SaaS): AISM through a SaaS provides organizations with software that supports their digital transformation initiatives. SaaS providers offer a variety of applications that can be used to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and optimize business processes.
What are the benefits of using AISM?
AISM allows you to expand your digital transformation. By automating IT Service Management processes, AISM helps enterprises to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation. Some of the key benefits of AISM are as follows:
● Increased operational efficiency: AISM automates IT Service Management processes, which helps enterprises to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
● Improved customer experience: AISM helps enterprises to provide a better customer experience by improving the quality of service and reducing the time to resolve issues.
● Accelerated digital transformation: AISM helps enterprises to accelerate digital transformation by automating IT processes and improving operational efficiency.
AISM Use Cases
Every organization needs to be able to operationalize and scale digital transformation quickly to remain competitive. Customers and employees alike expect ease of use, reliability, and performance, along with experiences that are consumer-grade for both. The rapidity of digital change can also create higher degrees of risk. The resulting architecture, a complex network of constantly altering dependencies with multiple components, can be overwhelming for conventional operational paradigms. Organizations must adopt more agile approaches to innovation like DevOps and understand the need to balance change and risk.
AISM is designed to help organizations automate the entire lifecycle of IT services, from request to resolution. It includes self-service, knowledge management, workflow automation, and analytics. The solution also integrates with leading ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow and BMC Remedy.
Intelligent service automation
AISM can find patterns in aggregated data, leverage advanced analytics towards continuous improvement, and perform incident analysis and root cause analysis, reducing the Mean Time to Repair considerably.
Automation for assigning tasks to the best service engineer
AISM is a web application that service engineers can use to assign tasks automatically. It has a user interface that allows users to input their preferences for task assignments and uses a machine learning algorithm to learn users’ preferences and assign tasks accordingly.
Providing a solution from the knowledge bank for raised tickets.
When a customer contacts the service desk with a ticket, AISM can provide a solution from existing knowledge banks.
Chatbots to reduce L1 load and increase first call resolution
AISM’s chatbot is designed to provide engaging, personalized conversations with customers at scale. AISM can be used to reduce the L1 load and increase first-call resolutions by providing automated answers to common questions, routing customers to the right resources, and escalating issues only when necessary.
Change Management risk analysis.
The AISM use case for change management and risk analysis is designed to help organizations manage changes to their systems and assess the associated risks. It can be used to track changes to system components, identify potential risks, and determine the impact of proposed changes on system performance.
AISM can enable request approvals of different kinds.
● New User Requests for new users to access the system.
● Change User Requests to change user access, such as changing a password or updating an email address.
● Delete User Requests to delete a user from the system.
● New Group Requests for new groups in the system, including adding and removing members of groups.
● Change Group Requests to change group membership or permissions within a group, such as adding and removing members of groups or changing group permissions on specific data sets (for example, read-only vs. edit).
● Delete Group Requests to delete a group from the system.
Auto resolution of known problems
AISM system can be used to resolve the problem automatically. You can configure AISM to automatically apply the known solution as soon as a problem is detected.
AISM to expand digital transformation
In today’s world, quickly releasing high-quality products and being first to market is essential to give your enterprise an edge over the competition. The AISM framework provides a standardized approach and toolset to help your enterprise drive digital transformation at scale and speed. AISM has been designed to help enterprises overcome the challenges of traditional transformation approaches, which are often siloed, slow, and lack agility. The AISM framework provides a holistic, end-to-end approach that helps enterprises rapidly transform their businesses. The key benefits of using AISM to expand digital transformation include:
● Increased speed and agility: AISM helps enterprises drive digital transformation at scale and speed, overcoming the challenges of traditional transformation approaches.
● Improved decision making: AISM provides a standardized approach and toolset to help enterprises make better decisions about their digital transformation initiatives.
● Increased efficiency and effectiveness: AISM helps organizations drive digital transformation more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased ROI.
AISM provides the game-changing technology enterprises need to operationalize and rapidly expand digital transformation. With AISM, enterprises can quickly and easily adopt new technologies, processes, and practices to stay ahead of the competition. AISM is the perfect solution for enterprises looking to embrace digital transformation and gain a competitive edge.
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