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Call for submissions: Music for digital compilations | Music In Africa – Music In Africa

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Dutch startup Compigram is inviting artists to submit their music for a chance to be featured on its music compilations.    
Compigram is a new campaign targeted at artists, labels and music curators launched last week. The free-to-join service releases compilation albums in every genre, mood, feel and brand across all major digital music retailers globally.
Through the compilations, the platform aims to make it easier for independent artists to be featured alongside other popular musicians, helping them gain more exposure in new markets, grow their fanbase and earn royalties for their music. Big names that have been featured on Compigram compilations include American artists Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and Timbaland, among others.
“This new and innovative setup will generate more compilation albums which will in turn offer more choices to the consumer and additional revenue for artists, labels, and music professionals,” the company said.
How it works:
“Many artists and labels want their music to be featured on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer playlists,” Compigram said. “Unfortunately, this is very challenging to achieve without the right connections. Uploading their music into the Compigram system can result in placements on many different compilation albums, which in turn get distributed on streaming platforms.”
Although playlists and compilations both feature songs by various artists, the platform says packaging the music as a compilation instead of a playlist, allows listeners to purchase and download the collection unlike playlists on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer, which can only be streamed.
Interested users can register for the service here.
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Disclaimer: Music In Africa provides a platform for musicians and contributors to embed music and videos solely for promotional purposes. If any track or video embedded on this platform violates any copyrights please inform us immediately and we will take it down. Please read our Terms of Use for more.

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