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Ethiopia poised to build 50 schools for excelling students –

The Ministry of Education this week announced that it will build 50 new schools across the country. They are intended to serve as centres of excellence for students with high academic achievement. 
According to the Ministry, the only criteria to join these schools will be academic achievement. It means that there is no quota system based on ethnic identity. 
The schools will be reserved for students who took the eighth grade national exam and scored the highest passing marks. 
Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education, is quoted by EBC, state media, as saying that the schools will serve as a place to nurture competent future leaders of Ethiopia – apparently for different fields of studies. 
According to the EBC report, achieving students will be recruited from across the country to join these schools. 
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education also announced over $1.6 billion birr budgetary allocation for the reconstruction of schools destroyed in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) destroyed thousands of schools in both regions when they militarily controlled many areas in the regions. 
In a similar development, The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) this week announced a $US 3 million project to build four schools in Afar and Amhara regions in what appears to be an effort to help reconstruction efforts in the areas ravaged by TPLF wars. 
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Humble Letter
To: Dr. Berhanu Nega ( Ph.D), Minister for Education.
From: A Humble Commentator, 30 Jan 2022
Dear Sir,
I can’t help imagining the following ‘fear’.
QUOTE: “The Ministry of Education this week announced that it will build 50 new schools across the country. They are intended to serve as centres of excellence for students with high academic achievement.”UNQUOTE
I sincerely hope and pray, that the programme may NOT wound up in unintended discrimination at such young age !!!! GOD FORBIDS.
I remember a few observations about the Ministry of Education of ancient times, hopefully that has GONE WITH THE WIND. It is hoped that the foundation principle of Education is absolutely essential to be kept to all pupils, on equal level, to forge through out their EARLY AGES
Please forgive me if I trancend beyond my limit as a reader.
Excellent idea. Such exclusive schools for the gifted(genius) exist in many countries. They could turn out to be inventions sites. Right on, brother, right on!!!!!
Dr. Berhanu Nega has to prove himself before jumping to trust him. He is a person with issues and we will have to meticulously have to follow and search his work.
PP party controlled and dominated by one Oromo ethnic group does not entertain different views unless it finds puppets. The Government and Parliament seats representing different ethnic groups does not go with their population percentage and proportionally. The sudden case in point is when Amhara is the second largest group if not the first, Oromo has occupied all key government positions, banks, military, courts including all the way down to Kebelles where majority of residents are either Amharas or are not many Oromo residents.
So this unproportional representation and wrong undemocratic and tyrannical situation must be corrected and changed before jumping around to disarm Amhara fighters and negotiating with TPLF terrorist.
When the above mentioned issues must be Abiy’s priorities his head is in a wrong place worried about how to dismantle Fano fighters and the regional Liyu Police when Liyu Polices are needed to protect people from Oneg Shene and TPLF savage barbarians.
Bottom line, the country is still in war and stopping the war must be the only Priority of Abiy!!!

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