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Galax City Public Schools English proficiency increases 56% – WDBJ

GALAX, Va. (WDBJ) – Galax City Schools have been focused on helping English Language Learners succeed.
We first told you about the “Get Ready” program last year to aid English Learners. 30% of the Galax City students are Hispanic and 18% are enrolled in the English Learners program.
“They learn vocabulary of math and science and social studies and literature that helps them in their other classes,” said Division EL lead Elizabeth Stringer-Nunley.
Stringer-Nunley says teachers used the online program after returning to in-person classes.
“The content and the material we kept going in the classroom, but we were able to add the additional teacher support along with the program that really helped push proficiency levels and language acquisition,” added Stringer-Nunley.
She says the high school has seen a 56% increase in proficiency since using the additional tool. One of the program’s success stories is Yanely Pineda. She moved to the US from Honduras in 2019.
“I come for a better future for me and my brothers and then I want to study in this country,” said Pineda.
Despite getting a late start she’s on her way to graduating from high school this spring.
“It helps me because some words I don’t know and then I search this page and then I know,” explained Pineda.
Pineda says she wants to serve this country and join the army.
“I just want a good future. I am here for a good future,” added Pineda.
The school system created a new position, Division Interpreter – who will be translating all documents sent to families. This will take pressure off of other staff members.
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