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GrubHub has Targeted Their Entry into the Hospitality World – MarketScale

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Being able to order food at the press of a button is beyond just mere convenience, it is simplicity and delivery at its finest. If host Katie Steinberg has anything to say about it, food delivery apps like Grubhub are almost a little too easy to use. Nicolas Holland, the Partnership Director with GrubHub sat down with Game Changers to discuss the present and future of the food delivery app.
“It’s really all about discovery, it’s all about accessibility,” said Holland, noting that the ease and use of the app allows users to discover and experience new food networks that exist all around them. “Technology has really enhanced the way we all live our life from our couch…we’re able to leverage our time so much more effectively.”
There are a plethora of factors that go into being able to provide an excellent food delivery and pick-up app. Good wifi and great coverage in the venues are essential to carrying out orders. In sports venues and stadium deliveries, Grubhub utilizes algorithms to track wait-times and historical data to improve the customer experience. This on-time consumer experience for in-venue and in-stadium pick-ups allows the fan to see the game they came for (not have to stand in a line) and experience the food simultaneously.
In a new move aimed at branching into the hospitality industry, Grubhub has partnered with Resorts World in Las Vegas. As a mega-hotel, with over 3,500 rooms, Grubhub has worked to “customize and tailor our product to fit their needs” throughout the property. On the Fly powered by Grubhub allows customers to deliver food services and products to their room or for pick-up. Holland imagined, “You’re leaving for the day…and all you want to do is stop at the cafe in the lobby, grab yourself a cup of coffee and some breakfast…and there’s like a 30 minute wait just for a cup of coffee?”
Grubhub provides the tracking and the tools needed to minimize and eliminate these inconveniences.
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