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How Digital Transformation will Bridge the Gap between People and Technology for Hotels | By Are Morch – Hospitality Net

Every journey starts with a dream, imagination, or inspiration.
The digital transformation journey is set out to help hotels create new cost-effective products, processes, and experiences that differentiate them from the competition.
I have previously shown that digital transformation is nothing new and that it starts with a people-first approach.
But the harsh reality is that the promise of digital transformation has not been achieved yet for the hotel industry.
Why is this the case?
Because the key drivers for digital transformation have been influenced by the rapid growth in digital channels and technology.
I am not blaming hotels for this, we all have in some way been colored by shiny objects believing the grass is greener on the other side.
Digital channels and technology play an important role in digital transformation, but by themselves, it does not guarantee a successful digital transformation.
COVID-19 added nuclear fuel to the digital disruption. And for the hotel industry and other industries, this has created a belief that digital channels and technology should be the center of their digital transformation.
Digital channels and technology are NOT the levelers that will create a tipping point towards a successful digital transformation for hotels.
Let’s look at how hotels can take a better approach to this challenge.
Your hotel’s digital channels and technology are key components to executing your digital transformation framework.
But we want to differentiate your hotel’s digital transformation framework from the rest.
I have already talked about the importance of content partnerships and creating a content huddle.
Through this strategy, you enable your hotel’s digital transformation framework to work with existing technology and adopt current workflows while you prepare for a new transformation.
But to bridge the gap between people and technology you need to understand employees, customers, and the community’s pain points and what their real needs are.
Investing in the best and most advanced technology will do no good if you don’t have the proper skill set and understanding of how this work and will help people feel better at the end of the day.
That is why we have to find new ways to identify problems or pain points that will help us enhance our digital transformation framework.
In the strategies and techniques, I use with hotels I am not only looking at how to bridge the gap between people and technology but also how to create a new experience cycle.
Productivity – Anything to do with efficiency – less time, effort, and/or money in fulfilling customer needs.
What is the biggest block to customer productivity in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
Simplicity – Anything that eliminates or minimizes complexity and mental hassle.
What is the biggest block to simplicity in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
When and where customers want something – like support 24/7, 365, etc.
What is the biggest block to convenience in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
This may be financial, physical, and emotional, including reputation.
What is the biggest block to risk reduction in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
This is the tangible and intangible aesthetic look, feel, attitude, and style your hotel offering conveys.
What is the biggest block to fun and image in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
Environmental Friendliness (sustainability) – This is about ‘green’ matters. Is your hotel offering environmentally friendly? Or do customers prefer your offerings due to your hotel brand’s strong reputation for environmental friendliness?
What is the biggest block to environmental friendliness in each stage? What are the key reasons for this block?
I have previously illustrated how to overcome some key hurdles within your hotel organization. Through the process illustrated here, we get a better understanding of the customer experience.
Hotels have to start taking new innovative steps to get a better understanding of the experience through customers’ eyes.
Technology can assist to get some insight that will help hotels map out new exponential experience offers. But the insight you get when putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and walking every step in their journey adds another level of understanding.
When I partner with hotels it is important to me that I walk in their customer’s shoes.
With a good understanding of both employee and customer pain points we are in a much better position to make educated and cost-effective technology investments.
This is how your hotel will start bridging the gap between people and technology.
To close the technology gap hotel leaders need to shift their mindset towards Tipping Point Leadership.
Tipping Point Leadership focus on principles of understanding employee and customer hurdles that allows them to make educated and cost-effective technology investments.
Then start to implement ongoing education, training, and alternative training programs. This will include on-site programs and e-learning programs that can be done anywhere.
Foster an inclusive, diverse, open, and collaborative new culture while adopting new technologies. New technology today can help hotels serve customers in new unique ways including deaf, autistic, blind, disabled, military veterans – with PTSD, etc.
One of the biggest areas where hotels can make a difference with technology is with sustainability.
Investing in the right technology is not complex when you have a good understanding of your employees and customers.
Hotels today have to invest in people and technology in a context that adds value to everyone involved.
Don’t continue to neglect or take the people’s transformation for granted. Technology is digital tool that will help your hotel when implemented in collaboration with your employees.
Partner with your employees and they will help with retaining and hiring people.
I also invite you to work with me as your hotel partner to help implement a new innovative digital transformation framework that opens the digital gateways to more direct bookings without competing with the OTA.
Shoot me an email at: [email protected]
Are Morch is a digital transformation coach helping hotels open their digital front door, reimagine their processes and culture, and transform experiences in a fast-paced world!
Are Morch
Digital Transformation Coach
Are Morch, Digital Transformation Coach
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