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Innovatrics releases digital ID verification for remote hotel check-ins – Biometric Update

Slovakia-based biometric solutions provider Innovatrics has released a new digital onboarding toolkit designed for contactless hotel check-in apps.
The toolkit is used in developing identity verification that can reportedly cut the check-in process to less than a minute with a scan of an identity document.
According to Innovatrics, the toolkits enable hotels to fully automate check-in, eliminating multiple contact points while also reducing fraud or misuse of personal data.
The toolkit requires consumers to present their passport or other ID for scanning and verification via Innovatrics algorithms. Once an identity has been verified, customers follow a few prompts and confirm that the data captured from their ID is correct, as depicted in a promotional video.
Contactless hotel check-in can make hotel operations more efficient, an Innovatrics executive wrote in a blog post. “Online check-in can lead to the optimization of staff time and resources to ensure that your guests are satisfied.”
The digital onboarding toolkit’s release for hotel check-ins comes roughly a month after Innovatrics first announced its digital onboarding toolkit trust platform to help organizations slash identity fraud.
Innovatrics is not the only biometrics-focused computer vision company working on automated check-in for the hospitality industry.
In May, Incode Technologies was selected by global luxury hospitality company Jumeirah Group to innovate guest experiences via biometrics. One month later, Alibaba confirmed it would provide facial recognition for biometric check-ins for in-country travelers at two Marriott International hotels in China.
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