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Map App Wants New Affordable Housing Closer to Hospitals – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Markets is focused on bringing you the most important global business and breaking markets news and information as it happens.
Bloomberg Best features the best stories of the day from Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Television, and 120 countries around the world.
An in-depth look at the people and companies globally who are shaping our future; This particular season of Profiles will highlight leaders focused on climate solutions and sustainability within their respective industries.
UK Stocks Maintain Losses as Liz Truss Wins Leadership Race
Volkswagen Considers Tapping European Retail Interest for Porsche IPO
Volkswagen Considers Tapping European Retail Interest for Porsche IPO
Delivery Hero Is Poised to Rejoin Germany’s Stock Benchmark
Elite Apartments in Korea’s Posh Gangnam District Are Falling After Rate Hikes
Casino Workers to Join UK Striking Workforce in Pay Dispute
Claim of TikTok Breach Spotlights Viral App’s Lure as Target
French Bid to Counter Netflix Threat Falters on Antitrust Rules
South African Government Concerned About GDP Data After Outages
China’s Guiyang Locks Down Some Areas to Contain Covid Outbreak
Credit Suisse Trust ‘Failed Basic Duty,’ Says Billionaire Client
Here’s What a Million Pounds Buys You in London’s Housing Market
Excitement Rises as ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Arrives in Venice
Singapore Hotel Prices Hit 10-Year High as City Roars Back to Life
California’s Plan to Get Fast Food Workers Fired
Air Travel Is Awful. Transparency Can Improve It.
Mining’s Uncertain Future: Elements by Clara Ferreira Marques
Startup Wants to Chart Path to More Equitable Urban Development
The ESG Crown Is Slipping, and It’s Mostly the Fund Industry’s Own Fault
A New Contaminant Found in Popular Drugs Could Cost Big Pharma Millions
Chicago Receives Another 50 Migrants Sent By Bus From Texas
Arsenic Found in Tap Water of NYC Public Housing Complex
Serena Williams Forever Changed How Brands See Female Athletes
Switzerland’s Glaciers Are Becoming a Front-Row Seat to Climate Destruction
Sudan Official: Death Toll From Seasonal Floods Reaches 112
Urban Migration Slows in 2022 for Many Major US Cities
Stockholm’s ‘Housing for All’ Is Now Just for the Few
A Ring of Empty Pedestals Marks the Lack of Women in Copenhagen’s Public Art
Bitcoin Finds Relief From a Past Record High in 2017
Bitcoin Loses Momentum on Weekend With Support Around 2017 High
Nigeria, Binance in Talks for Digital City to Develop Blockchain


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