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MarTech Interview With Ronny Elkayam, SVP at Wix – MarTech Series

MarTech Series – Marketing Technology Insights
In this catch-up with MarTech Series, Ronny Elkayam, SVP, Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products at Wix chats about the fundamentals that are key to driving product success while taking us through a few of Wix’s recent innovations:
I have been at Wix for more than 7 years, heading Wix’s Mobile Applications, App Market (for third-party integration), as well as strategic products that enable websites and apps to become successful businesses and engaging communities. I’m responsible for the research and development of high-scale complex products for Wix, including the Wix Mobile products, the App Market, delivering innovation by integrating cool and trendy third-party apps and by building innovative solutions for Wix users, and strategic projects such as Wix Blog, Wix Restaurants, Wix Events and more, that enable users to better create, manage and grow their online presence.
We are constantly improving our offerings to provide business owners with a complete solution for any type of business. By listening to our users, understanding their needs, and adding capabilities to expand our offerings accordingly, we are able to not only provide our users with go-to solutions for them, we are also providing their customers and end-users with a pleasant experience.
We recently relaunched our solution for the hospitality industry, Wix Hotels – now powered by HotelRunner. The new Wix Hotels platform provides a complete solution for all types of accommodations to manage and grow their hospitality business online. We redeveloped the platform based on user feedback, and in partnership with HotelRunner, we were able to develop our new hotel’s solution to include a full suite of professional tools for every touchpoint needed to launch, manage, and grow a hospitality business of any size and maximize revenue.
Wix has invested resources into building out the proper infrastructure to support businesses ranging from privately owned businesses to large franchises, in a wide range of industries, from retail to events to restaurants to hotels and more. Another example of how we’ve enhanced an offering would be our recently launched Seating Map Builder which was launched for Wix business owners and venues to create customized seating maps and ticketing of their venues. This release has opened the door for businesses and venues to manage ticketing of their events on their own when they previously had to hire developers to build these complex systems.
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Being a product company, we focus the majority of our product development resources on areas of our main offering and expertise. Our focus is on advancing our platform for any type of user to create and manage their own or their clients’ online presence. We established the Wix App Market so we can provide our users with the best products they need to create, manage and grow their online presence. With the Wix App Market, we are able to work with some of the best companies that build specific products to solve specific needs and requests from users that we haven’t yet developed.
We are currently seeing at Wix, and in the world, a shift towards users wanting to use platforms that are more open, and provide more flexibility and options. To create open platforms, product teams will need to create products that are easily manipulated, meaning it’s easy to replace and extend any part of it. Creating these types of products is especially hard when product teams need to maintain the smoothness of their product and ensure it still feels like a single product, and not different or pieced together.
At Wix, our product teams are seeing that the real-world use cases for needing a more flexible platform are endless, and without allowing anyone to extend and replace parts of our platform, we will not be able to address all user needs and use cases.
We can also see this shift in the product industry as a whole. When we see this shift in the industry, we can see it through the demand and rising use of applications using low-code and no-code platforms. Wix has been a leader in this field since our inception, and I’m excited to see the uptick in this trend and to see the evolution of product teams alongside it.
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The key to product success lies within the users of the products themselves. Product teams need to understand customer demands and needs and understand the tools and technologies they are looking for to make their business successful. By focusing on user success, product teams will be able to deliver tools customers are looking for and in turn, they will succeed as well.
A few best practices I believe product teams  should follow:
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Ronny Elkayam serves as the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Strategic Products at Wix, a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence. Elkayam heads the Wix Mobile Application, Wix App Market (for third-party integration), as well as strategic products that enable websites and apps to become engaging communities. Prior to Wix, he served as an executive and founder of numerous Israeli startups, including, Ki-Bi Mobile, and Nextnine. Elkayam has more than 20 years of experience in managing product and R&D teams.
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Paroma serves as the Director of Content and Media at MarTech Series. She was a former Senior Features Writer and Editor at MarTech Advisor and HRTechnologist.
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