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North Africa Com: Lighting up digital Northern Africa –

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[Casablanca, Morocco, July 20, 2022] North Africa Com, the most influential ICT integrated industry event in the Northern Africa region was hosted by Informa Tech, with the theme of “Uniting North Africa’s digital ecosystems to drive sustainable, inclusive growth”. Delegates of government and regulator, operators and enterprise representatives, analysts and KOLs in the region had in-depth exchanges on the vision of digital Northern Africa. During the event, Huawei shared its experiences and views on global industry practices, discussing how to bridge the digital divide and unlock the potential of the digital economy in Northern Africa.
Dr. Philip Song, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Carrier BG, said in a keynote speech entitled “5G lighting up North Africa” that the digital economy has become an important pillar of the national economic and social development, and 5G is a key lever for the development of the digital economy. According to joint research conducted by Huawei and industry organizations, it is expected that by 2030, the 1$ investment in “5G and fiber” would yield about 26$ for emerging economies. Currently, 5G is moving forward at a pace far beyond 4G, which also creates possibilities for digital leapfrog in emerging markets such as Northern Africa. In addition, Huawei proposes the “5A code” model for 5G development in Northern Africa, which is Affordable device, Amazing 5G services, Attractive tariff plan, Agile Marketing, and Advanced Network. In conclusion, Dr. Philip Song said that Huawei is committed to the business success of customers and has always maintained a high level of R&D investment. Take 2021 as an example, Huawei’s R&D investment exceeds 20% of its annual revenue to support the company’s continued leadership in key technologies such as 5G and optical technology. 5G networks constructed by Huawei in 13 key cities around the world rank No. 1 in all of them.
Industry digitalization is another key engine for enabling the digital economy. Corbin Cao, VP of Huawei’s Northern Africa Carrier Enterprise Business Dept said that with the booming global digital economy and industry transformation and upgrading, Northern Africa countries have upgraded digital transformation into national strategies. Carriers serve as a solid foundation for national digital economy development and enable digital transformation of thousands of industries. Huawei will work with carriers to explore new business opportunities and development paths in the future, and strive for customers’ business success.
In the To-C field, digital finance holds huge opportunities and will help unlock the potential of the digital economy in Northern Africa. Feng Bin, VP of Huawei Software Product Line, said that Huawei’s overall financial technology solutions include wallets, payments and microfinance services. They served over 380 million users in more than 20 countries. Through contactless online payment, they reduce the risk of the epidemic, and in many countries, they help the government to provide subsidies to tens of millions of citizens, and provide financial services such as micro-credit to the people. Currently, Northern Africa is in the golden stage of FinTech business development. Huawei is willing to work with carriers and partners to bring digital financial services to every organization and individual.
Inclusive connectivity is the key goal to bridge the digital divide. Ms. Jenny Sun, director of national broadband industry development at Huawei, emphasized that the popularization and development of broadband infrastructure will greatly promote the country’s economic and social development. Therefore, the government should assume the corresponding enabling role and responsibilities. The governments of Egypt, Tunisia and other countries have adopted positive policies and measures in broadband popularization and development in their countries. In addition, Jenny Sun said: Huawei will continue to support broadband development in Africa in areas such as solution innovation, application development, and the dissemination of national broadband concepts to accelerate the bridging of the digital divide in the region.
Finally, Huawei won the Connectivity Champion Award at North Africa Com, which is to recommend Huawei’s outstanding contribution to promoting ICT network connectivity and industry development in Northern Africa through continuous technological innovation. Huawei will continue to adhere to its value proposition “In Africa, For Africa, Continuous innovation, and Trustworthiness”, and bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent Africa.


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