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School uniform hard to afford? Bob Seely encourages you to write to him. We’ve made it simple, here̵ … – On The Wight

Money tight? Need to buy a school uniform? Bob Seely’s given News OnTheWight a number of ideas for you, including writing to him. We’ve built this form to make it easy
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Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, is asking parents who are struggling to afford new school uniforms for their children to write to him (see form below).
The suggestion came as part of Seely’s response to Labour councillor Richard Quigley asking him to support the suspension of school uniform until we are on the other side of the cost-of-living crisis.
Seely: Write to me or seek advice through Citizens Advice
Bob Seely told News OnTheWight,
“The Government has put in place a very significant, £37 billion package of support to help families. I have no doubt it will do more in future. 
“I would encourage families to look at the support on offer in the first instance. If they need help, I would encourage them to write to me (see form below) or seek advice through Citizens Advice Isle of Wight. 
“In addition, there are other options for families needing additional help to purchase secondhand uniform, either through an arrangement with the school or via other parents. I would encourage parents to explore these options and speak with the school in the first instance, if they need assistance.”
Seely: Doing away with school uniforms is a foolish and ill-considered idea
Mr Seely finished by saying,
“Uniforms are there for many reasons; safeguarding and shared ethos to name but two. Doing away with school uniforms is a foolish and ill-considered idea.”
Quigley: Says a lot more about Bob’s attitude to us ‘little people’
Having seen Seely’s response, Cllr Quigley told News OnTheWight,
“His response doesn’t surprise me, but it does disappoint me, he is saying that making a temporary change to prevent people being pushed over the edge financially is a foolish and ill considered idea. By inference, making people poorer is just a consequence of the way he thinks the world should be.
“I think this says a lot more about Bob’s attitude to us ‘little people’ than he realises. I also note he isn’t in the position of having to buy uniform (as a side issue, check the labels of uniform to see where it’s made. Not usually in places with the highest standards of employment and pay).”
Quigley: People aren’t making this up
Cllr Quigley went on to add,
“Bob and his colleagues keep trotting out the figures on how much help they are providing, without including the cuts to services and real terms pay cuts over the last ten years.
“I’m not sure if it’s just a comfort lie he tells himself so that he doesn’t have to actively help make the country a better place, or if he is really that cosseted and ignorant of how things are.
“All he needs to do is read the comments on any local media post when the cost of living is mentioned. People aren’t making this up.”
Quigley: Citizens Advice are struggling to help because the situation is do dire
He finished by saying,
“I’m qualified as a citizens advice first aider and have been sending people in that direction for over a year, but even they admit they are struggling to help because the situation is no so dire.
“So maybe If Bob was after a job in the education department, he would put as much effort into improving children’s lives as he does commenting on the situation in Russia”
Write to Bob Seely
To help make contacting Bob Seely easier, simply fill out the form below and it will be sent to his office. If you want to write directly, his email address is: [email protected]
Friday, 5th August, 2022 12:57pm

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5.Aug.2022 4:00pm
Harrow educated Seely is totally out of touch. Does he not read and understand the NewsonWight readers comments? There clear enough and written by people who know what they are talking about.
Seely’s mantra is scary!
Not only are school uniforms going to be addressed, but many school children will have to stop using Mobile Phones, the monthly fee is now unaffordable
6.Aug.2022 5:03pm
Yes, write to Bob, that will reduce the price of uniforms!
As for the poor little kiddies being unable to afford mobile phones – hallelujah! Perhaps they’ll take an interest in the world around them. Mobile internet probably the worst thing that ever happened to the human race.
Mark L Francis
6.Aug.2022 6:43pm
I have never seen the point of school uniforms. Other countries don’t have them – or not to the extent that we do, which enables the French to take the P155 out of us (as well as having elected a clown as PM)& if they are so great, then why doesn’t everyone wear a uniform, like under Mao?
7.Aug.2022 9:57am
When I went through the island’s state school system my primary school didn’t have a uniform, at middle school we had Polo shirts and jumpers, at high school we had white shirts and black jumpers.
School uniforms are arcane nonsense and have no place in modern society, particularly where ties are only worn by conmen, car salesmen, religious nutters and politicians.
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