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SovTech acquires UK logistics software development company MACS Software – PR Newswire UK

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25 Feb, 2022, 09:12 GMT
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Excerpt: Acquiring MACS Software is part of SovTech’s exciting expansion strategy
LONDON, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative custom software development company SovTech has acquired MACS Software, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of warehouse management services.
SovTech’s long standing business relationship with MACS Software, led to its acquisition in November 2021, with the intention of catapulting the company’s growth trajectory.
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With SovTech’s decade of engineering experience and MACS Software’s tech involvement in the global logistics industry, the partnership allows for the marriage of extensive logistics and software expertise, to open the door to tech-driven growth for both parties.
The synergy is coupled with both companies being driven by building long standing client partnerships, adapting to the ever changing tech landscape and staying ahead of the growth curve, by making smart, predictive decisions.
When asked about the recent acquisition, CEO of SovTech, Gerald Neves replied, "SovTech has the ability to accelerate the growth of MACS Software into the cloud, and we are excited about partnering with a team that has a 30 year track record of delivering world-class software to their loyal clients."
About SovTech
SovTech is a world class custom software development company that provides a complete software design and development innovation service to start-ups and enterprises.
SovTech believes that Silicon Valley technologies are the growth catalyst for every business of the future, and thus its global expertise, coupled with years of development experience, has allowed its clients to start, run, and grow world-class digitised businesses. The company uses its extensive access to African development centers to execute various, modern software solutions.
About MACS Software
MACS software is an independent software company dedicated to the design, implementation and support of flexible and efficient Warehouse Management Systems across multiple industries. MACS Software makes use of emerging technologies to configure its core products to ensure each customer’s requirements are fulfilled. They boast lower costs and higher profits for their clients. Their vision is to be recognised as a leading independent provider of warehouse management solutions by embracing emerging tech and honest partnerships
Click here to learn more about SovTech.
Click here to learn more about MACS Software.
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+44 (0)20 7454 5110
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