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Summize powers Modern Milkman’s digital transformation journey | North West Business News – Insider Media

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Manchester-based digital contracting business Summize has joined forces with online grocer Modern Milkman as it looks to reduce plastic waste before breakfast. 
Founded in Colne, Modern Milkman has reinvented the traditional milk round through an app using data and analytics to map out milk rounds, assess demand and reduce waste through its delivery of fresh grocery products. 
They have already made waves by saving more than 50 million plastic bottles from landfill.
Both businesses were founded in 2018 and are both experiencing rapid growth by taking a disruptive approach to a traditional sector. 
Modern Milkman has made major investments into its digital journey in recent months, including a partnership with Manchester AI giant Peak AI. Now, the business is embarking on the next phase of digital transformation, focused on transforming the business's in-house legal department to save time and resource as the business grows and expands internationally. 
Users of the Summize platform (including clients such as Fujifilm, Vodafone and NCC) are estimated to save 85 per cent in time spent reviewing contracts. Powered by Summize's time-saving platform, these efficiency gains will be mission critical in giving the in-house lawyers at Modern Milkman more scope to focus on larger business goals.
Kenzo Onumonu, director of Legal at Modern Milkman, said: “As a platform that is underpinned by using tech to solve everyday business issues, Summize offered a solution that we needed. The user interface also seamlessly integrates with the platforms we already use, which is going to be a real gamechanger for the way we interact with contracts across the business.”
Tom Dunlop, co-founder and chief executive at Summize, said: “The reality is the legal department is often one of the last parts of any business to be truly digitally transformed, but the forward-thinking businesses that are pioneering change in this area will reap huge rewards in efficiency and cost savings.  
“Kenzo and the team realised the potential in speeding up Modern Milkman's legal processes and we're pleased to be on this exciting journey with another disruptive business that shares our vision for digital transformation.”
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