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Support ADA Today and Every Day – Oswego County

OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Legislature continues its work to support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark piece of legislation in 1990 that guarantees that people with disabilities will have access to employment, public accommodations, services and telecommunications.
The Legislature recognized July 26 as Americans with Disabilities Awareness Day during its July meeting to promote education about advocacy, resources and services available to county residents living with a disability and their families.
Reading the proclamation was Legislator James Karasek, District 22, a person with a disability who uses his passion and his voice to advocate for himself and for other people with disabilities. “This is not about celebrating a single, special day,” he said. “It’s about everybody taking moment to stop and think about what this day means.
“For those who don’t live with a disability, consider how you would go about your day if you did. How would you get around? How would you go to church if there wasn’t a ramp? How would you ‘hear’ a movie if it wasn’t close-captioned? How would you feel if a cashier lost their patience with you because it took you a little longer to count change?
“These are all things that people who live with disabilities have to contend with. This day is about keeping those thoughts – those people – in mind as you go about your every day.”
ARISE continues to help pave the way for education and advocacy. Created in 1979, the organization was based on the simple premise of equal rights for people with disabilities. The group has made enormous contributions to society at large by helping to acknowledge and protect those rights.
Today, the agency provides a wide variety of programs and services to people of all levels of ability and their families. This includes advocacy, training and support as well as housing, employment and recreation.
“The ramp program is one of ARISE’s most successful ventures,” said Karasek, who also works as an outreach liaison for the program. “Having a ramp to help get into and out of their homes gives people in wheelchairs such a feeling of independence – it gives them their lives back.
“Unfortunately, we’re struggling right now with getting enough volunteers to help fulfill the need in the community,” he added. “We’re thankful for the generous financial support we receive from individuals and businesses for materials and supplies, but we could always use more help.”
To donate or volunteer to help with ARISE’s ramp program, contact James Karasek at 315-342-4088. To learn more about ARISE services, go to
PROC ADA Day Jul22 (1b)REV
July 26 is Americans with Disabilities Awareness Day – The Oswego County Legislature’s Health Committee presented a proclamation recognizing July 26 as Americans with Disabilities Awareness Day to Oswego County Deputy Public Health Director Vera Dunsmoor. The proclamation recognizes ARISE for its work to fulfill the promise of the ADA by ensuring that the rights of individuals with disabilities are acknowledged and protected. Pictured from left are James Scanlon, District 16; Frank Castiglia, Jr., District 25; Richard Kline, District 12; Committee Chairman James Karasek, District 22; service dog Isabel; Oswego County Deputy Public Health Director Vera Dunsmoor; Committee Vice Chairman Nathan Emmons, District 15; Michael Solowy, District 23; and Marc Greco, District 24.
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