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Tech titans NCS and FPT Software team up in Vietnam – Channel Asia Singapore

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New Strategic Delivery Centre in Vietnam aims to supports increasing demand for high quality digital services.
NCS has launched a Strategic Delivery Centre (SDC) in Vietnam, partnering with FPT Software to expand global delivery network capabilities across the region.

In bringing together two titans of technology outsourcing in Southeast Asia, the alliance aims to better support increased and evolving customer demands specific to digital transformation with operations set to commence as early as this month.
Located in Hanoi, the SDC in Vietnam will employ a team of more than 3000 by 2025 and complement NCS’ existing delivery centres in Pune (India) and Chengdu (China). The centre will offer “bespoke” infrastructure services such as secure operating environments, client customised training, as well as access to an expanded pool of “high calibre tech talent” managed via NCS’ proprietary Integrated Delivery Methods (IDM).
“Demand for digital transformation services continues to accelerate in this region,” said Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS. “Coupled with the strong pool of high calibre talent in Vietnam, our proven delivery methods and extensive reach, we can help our clients transform and run their operations more efficiently and at optimised costs.”
According to Kuo Pin, the move represents the first of NCS’ “growing interest and partnerships” in Vietnam and will be focused on delivering “high quality” digital services for customers across Asia Pacific.
This is also in line with NCS’ three axes of growth transformation since being relaunched as the “new growth engine” for Singtel, amid plans to widen its spectrum of digital capabilities and expand into more industries regionally.
“By enhancing our digital and workforce capabilities and forging strategic partnerships with recognised leaders like FPT Software, we aim to create a highly compelling end-to-end digital transformation value proposition for our clients,” Kuo Pin added.
Through this partnership, customers will also be able to access FPT Software’s talent pool and expertise specific to digital transformation projects.
“FPT has pledged to accompany our clients and communities to a better future; and the partnership with NCS fortifies that commitment,” said Dr Truong Gia Binh, chairman of FPT.
“As a complete IT solutions provider, we have been a trusted partner to companies and authorities in their digital transformation journey. We look forward to working together with NCS to strengthen the business operations of clients and to help them realise their digital transformation goals at accelerated speed.”
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