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Telecom adds Oracle solutions to its portfolio to accompany companies in their digital transformation – BNamericas English

Telecom press release
This is an automated translation of the original press release issued in Spanish
Buenos Aires, September 13, 2022.- Telecom, a leader in technology solutions for the B2B corporate market and public bodies, reaffirms its commitment to Oracle. Leveraging Oracle Cloud solutions, Telecom will offer Argentine companies application servers, databases and more, with the aim of helping transform and modernize their workflows through access to secure, open and hybrid technologies.
Telecom already has a broad portfolio of information technology products and digital service offerings, and by extending the business agreement with Oracle, it will add more cloud solutions, such as network and storage solutions, that will help customers be more agile and to innovate faster. Telecom will now offer backup and disaster recovery on Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse.
These cloud services adapt to the diverse and changing needs of customers and allow for on-demand scaling, incorporating solution packages based on each specific need. With these services, each client can concentrate on the core business of their business and delegate the daily operation of their technological infrastructure to Telecom. In turn, customers will benefit from local technical support that will be provided by Telecom’s corporate team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
With this proposal, Telecom continues on the path of being a provider of all the products and services that companies need, thus guaranteeing solutions tailored to each need.
About Oracle PartnerNetwork:
Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle’s partner program designed to enable partners to accelerate the transition to the cloud and drive superior business results for customers. The OPN program enables partners to engage with Oracle through tracks aligned with how they go to market: Cloud Build for partners providing products or services built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud; Cloud Sell for partners reselling Oracle Cloud technology; Cloud Service for partners who implement, deploy, and manage Oracle Cloud Services; and License and Hardware for partners who build, service, or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products.
Customers can accelerate their business goals with OPN Partners who have gained expertise in a family of products or a cloud service.
To learn more, visit
Oracle, Java and MySQL are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation.
About Telecom Argentina:
We are Telecom Argentina, a company in constant evolution, which offers experiences of connectivity, entertainment and technological solutions throughout the country. We enhance the digital life of our more than 30 million customers, with a flexible and dynamic service, on all their devices, through high-speed fixed and mobile connections, and a live and on-demand content platform that integrates series, movies, gaming , music and TV shows.
Our commercial brands Telecom, Personal and Flow consolidate an ecosystem of platforms and new businesses, a comprehensive and convergent experience for individuals, companies and institutions throughout the country. We are present in Paraguay with mobile service and in Uruguay, with pay television.
We promote the digital economy and lead an industry that is a fundamental pillar for the development of society, with sustainable practices and initiatives that promote talent and digital inclusion.
We are proud to be protagonists of the evolution of society and continue to enhance the world of our customers. Because we are united by the desire to continue advancing.
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