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The integral role of human retinal ganglion cells in eye disease
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08 Aug 22 – 12 Aug 22
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03 Oct 22 – 04 Oct 22
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21 Nov 22 – 22 Nov 22
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06 Dec 22 – 12 Dec 22
As part of our new Lab Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Transformation Special Feature, we have pulled together a selection of the top interviews and resources about the latest instruments and software designed to help you streamline your laboratory.   
Read on to explore recent learnings in how automation can be used to transform clinical laboratory operations, hear from experts about the steps you can take to embrace digitalization in the lab, download resources highlighting automation solutions, and much more. 
In this SelectScience article, we take you inside one of India’s most prolific diagnostic laboratories, Dr Lal PathLabs, and demonstrate how the team has leveraged several automation systems to scale up its operations while keeping its high standards of accuracy. 
Read article
In this SelectScience article, we spoke to a clinical flow cytometry expert to find out how labs can overcome some of the challenges encountered when implementing new automation platforms, including the benefits these platforms can have in delivering accurate results to clinicians and patients faster.
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Paperless processes are now becoming the norm. In this exclusive SelectScience article, we spoke to a team of data science experts, to find out how lab users and start-up companies can effectively transition to a digital lab, and how a dedicated electronic lab notebook has been designed to bring together all your lab needs into one simple solution.
Read article
Learn about a new range of automation-compatible plates from Irish Life Sciences, designed to help you store biobank samples safely and securely, while maximizing storage space.
Find out more
Discover the automated osmometer technology that is convenient, quick, and reliable. Ideal for mid- to high-volume laboratories, the system allows you to set up tests, walk away, and prioritize other tasks without missing a beat.
Download info
This presentation demonstrates how the introduction of an electronic lab notebook into your lab could optimize your specialty chemical innovation, including comprehensive workflows for chemistry, formulations, analytical testing, and more.
Watch video
Your delicate laboratory processes require a precise, yet flexible system. Find out how the innovative IVARO Tube Handler is an automation system that can be perfectly adapted for filling, labelling, scanning, sorting, and weighing.
Download info
Find out what other researchers and clinicians around the world are saying about the latest equipment and technologies driving automation. Here, Ai Chin Yeoh, University Malaya Medical Central, shares their opinion on the Atellica® Solution by Siemens Healthineers.
Find more news and resources in our Lab Automation, AI, and Digital Transformation Special Feature»
CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System
OsmoTECH HT Automated Micro-Osmometer
Atellica® Solution
eLabJournal Electronic Lab Notebook
Atellica® Process Manager
Ellen Simms
CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System
OsmoTECH HT Automated Micro-Osmometer
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