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Umair Javed Talks Outsourcing Talent to Engineer Software Solutions – GlobeNewswire

| Source: Mission Matters Business Podcast Mission Matters Business Podcast
Beverly Hills, California,
Beverly Hills , Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In this interview, Umair Javed shares how Tkxel is building bridges between opportunity and talent, helping companies meet their needs with a host of software solutions.

Listen to the full interview of Umair Javed with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

Recent changes in the talent market
Javed says that the IT industry is the beneficiary of the pandemic because all the digital acceleration people thought would happen in the next 10 years is happening now. The world is no longer looking to hire just in-office individuals; it’s now open to finding talent anywhere in the world, adopting remote and hybrid working models, and embracing integrated global teams where people are working independently as a result.
When outsourcing talent, what should a company look for specifically?
First and foremost, companies that are outsourcing for the first time should look for authenticity in potential partners, Javed explains.
“Check their online presence over the web,” he advises. “social media profiles and websites more often than not give an insight into their company and culture.” He also recommends building safeguards for both client and vendor.
“Firmly evaluate the company and then give them visibility of the legal contract, NDA, and various clauses that you made to protect yourself,” he says. “Ensure having a contract with a US entity and clarify your requirements about time zone overlap, security, IP protection, communications, et cetera.”
As for companies that have experience outsourcing talent, he advises them to understand the importance of treating them the same way you would treat an in-house team. “They are not sitting next to you, and there is a communication gap,” he cautions. “Until you tell them the big and small elements of the company, such as mission, values, goals, product plan, priorities, product features, you won’t see results.”
Tell us about Tkxel.
Tkxel is a company with more than 500 engineers operating across US, Europe, and Asia. Companies can reach out to them with a product idea and their teams will help implement it, or they can build everything from scratch. Tkxel helps companies create and implement solutions through innovative technologies including AI, blockchain, machine learning and more. While AI and machine learning are currently considered innovations, he notes, they will soon become a building block of nearly every application people use.
“We are now also gearing towards a talent management model, where you can either hire a team with us or take our help to build your offshore development center,” he notes. “While you can approach us to build your startup models, you can also pitch us an innovative idea for us to invest with you in the form of equity or exchange.”
What’s next for you and Tkxel?
“Tkxel aims to be the largest and highly free-voted tech talent pool that you can tap into,” Javed says. To learn more about Tkxel, visit
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