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V5 Digital celebrates V5 Africa success and invites you to "Why digital transformation is more than just a fad" –

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It is heartbreaking to see those brave enough to build their legacy, stone for stone, reach a moderate amount of success only to stop and stagnate without rising to their full potential.
Fortunately, those who call Africa home are there for each other. We are quick to share advice, teach others what we’ve learned, and work to uplift our unique business community.
The V5 Africa Webinar series prides itself on showcasing incredible talent and sharing insights with those who wish to improve and grow their business. This week the series addresses something truly critical for the future of every business on this beautiful continent.
Digital transformation is more than a buzzword, more than storing data on a hard drive instead of a filing cabinet, and more than asking your IT staff to pop a few posts on Facebook. Digital transformation means the difference between thriving and barely surviving.
All the intricacies of digital transformation can be quite intimidating and we all feel a little resistant to change. That is why having a guide like Vivette Rittmann is incredibly valuable.
Vivette is a digital anthropologist who has been dragging businesses out of the stone age and into the digital era for years. Armed with an in-depth understanding of how digital transformation affects cultural practices, she is able to facilitate a fundamental shift in business operations and behaviours.
Allow Vivette to explain what digital transformation is, why we need it, and how we can ensure a successful digital transformation (DX) before it is too late.

You have nothing to lose, and a bright new perspective to gain, so sit back, relax, and listen to a free, informative webinar by an industry expert. Click here to register.
Once inspired by how bright your future can be, feel free to ask V5 Digital about how you can start your own digital transformation journey.
We are equipped to help you navigate around this highly-complex business challenge. We will work with the digital change agents in your business to assist you in identifying business opportunities that will accelerate your progress through the digital transformation maturity stages.
Contact us today at latigid.5v@nimra.


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