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Which Menu, ready to assist restaurants welcome more customers nationwide – Hospitality & Catering News

Hospitality & Catering News
hospitality and catering news
May 30, 2022
Which Menu, ready to assist restaurants welcome more customers nationwide

The hospitality sector has taken a big hit in recent years with figures suggesting a decline of almost 50%. But, with restrictions lifted, this is a sector with massive potential for growth – providing jobs for young people, adding value to the tourist industry and helping to revive local communities.
Before the pandemic hit, and recognising the extent of the room for growth within the hospitality sector, a young team of Liverpool entrepreneurs developed the first ever UK restaurant menu app way back in 2018. Then Covid struck and the hospitality sector went into lockdown. Now, with restaurants attracting people back through their doors – Which Menu is ready to help restaurants promote their food and dining services.
There are many restaurant and food apps you can use to search for restaurants or delivery services. But Which Menu remains the first and only app to allow customers to search restaurant menus for specific items of food.
So, whether customers fancy falafel, long for linguini or want to find a vegan menu, Which Menu guides them to the closest restaurants and the best offers – all on one easy to use app.
The app is available on Android and IOS devices and offers would-be diners a one-stop-shop for all their foody needs. The app provides restaurant location, opening times, recent reviews, prices and any special offers available. Customers can ‘favourite’ their most popular restaurants to ensure they receive future special offers straight to their phone.
And with a growing interest in tech-based services and environmentally friendly on-line menus, the Which Menu app is providing restaurants with the services they require while promoting eco-friendly systems.
Although the Which Menu app was born in Liverpool, the Team expanded to different UK Cities, including their current main focus in the capital, London.  Not forgetting their roots, the Which Menu Liverpool Team are busy onboarding recently reopened restaurants to the mobile app.
The response from restaurants has been extremely positive. Restaurants utilising the key features of Which Menu have seen the benefits, helping them get bums on seats.
Sam Thomas, CEO and the man behind the Which Menu initiative said: “The pandemic had a big impact on the hospitality sector.  Our ambition now is to help the sector recover by helping restaurants to promote their food and special offers to would-be diners in their area. The response from restaurants has been fantastic so far. This promises to be big.”
Francye Woods from Penny Lane Wine Bar in Liverpool said: “It’s been tough for restaurants and bars over the last two years but having the Which Menu team working away in the background, attracting new customers, has been a real boost. We were so impressed with the Which Menu features that we signed up on the spot.”
Gemma Mickson from Mani in Liverpool added: “There is only so much a restaurant can do to promote themselves. Which Menu has been really good at getting customers in during our quieter periods with the use of their announcement tool.”
And it is not just restaurants who speak highly of the benefits of the app. In Liverpool, where the app has been in operation since 2019, those who use the app to find suitable restaurants speak warmly of its benefits: Max, a student at Liverpool University said: “I’m a student in Liverpool. When friends and family visit, they all have their own food preferences. Having the Which Menu app at my fingertips allows us to filter through restaurants and find exactly what we need in our local area. It’s brilliant, free and easy to use.”
Relaunching a bigger and better app
Now the plan is to take the Which Menu app to a new level with a relaunch planned in early June. And the Team have much to showcase. Instead of giving up during the dark days of covid, the Which Menu Team used the lockdown period to improve the many innovative features that make the Which Menu App such a stand-out product.
After months of behind-the-scenes development, a better, brighter, even more interactive Which Menu app will soon be live. New features on the app include in app booking and payment  features, allowing users to book a reservation through the app and order food to be delivered to their table; users have an option to split the bill with friends & there will be an electronic loyalty card feature.
But for now, check out the current version of the App that is attracting such attention and support by watching the Which Menu promotional video.
For further information about how your restaurant can sign up for the Which Menu App, please contact the Which Menu team on 0151 382 9192.
You can also follow Which Menu on Instagram at @whichmenu and read all about them on

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