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Why the "OODA Loop" Is Key to Accelerating Digital Transformation – Acceleration Economy

June’s live Cloud Wars Expo event featured dozens of industry leaders allowing the Acceleration Economy team access to the inner workings of the greatest growth market the world has ever known.
If you missed the Expo or just want to catch up on sessions you were not able to attend, then you’re in luck. We recorded more than 40 hours of education sessions from the event, which are available for free to Acceleration Economy subscribers. We’re also previewing the content in this series of Moments, which feature highlights from each session.
In this Cloud Wars Expo Moment, Acceleration Economy analyst and multi-time CIO Wayne Sadin explains the keys to accelerating digital transformation. (See the first Moment from this education session here.)
00:01 — Wayne Sadin outlines what it means to build an “OODA loop” organization; to observe, orient, decide and act on data more efficiently.
00:47 — The loop accelerates decision-making and makes businesses more flexible to changing conditions. The right technology can quickly account for irregular order volume, shipping times, and cost structures.
01:24 — Wayne tells CEOs and executives to “talk to the CIO more” and continuously analyze what technology can do to speed transformation.
Access more than 40 hours of cloud education content featuring 100-plus speakers at Cloud Wars Expo On-Demand. All content is free to Acceleration Economy subscribers with an on-demand pass.
CIO/CTO/CDO | CEO/Board Advisor
Independent Director
Wayne Sadin, an Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on Board Strategy, has had a 30-year IT career spanning Logistics, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Direct-Response Marketing, Construction, Consulting, and Technology. He’s been CIO, CTO, CDO, advisor to CEOs/Boards, Angel Investor, and Independent Director at firms ranging from start-ups to multinationals.
  Contact Wayne Sadin …
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