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Digital Transformation Demystified
Over the past two years, a storm has been brewing. As more and more companies undergo digital transformations, the demand for qualified IT workers and managers has soared. With this in mind, we surveyed 200+ digital transformation leaders to find out how they are tackling to the evolving tech talent shortage. 
While 67% of our respondents said that closing the RPA and IA talent gap is a strategic priority, where does one start? For many organizations, the struggle begins in the first stages of the stage of the employee lifecycle, the talent acquisition process. When asked to select the top 3 tech talent-related challenges they were facing, at 62%, finding people with the right technical skills was by far the most popular choice. The second biggest challenge? Finding people with adequate domain or industry knowledge (41%). 

DX Talent Reimagined: 2022 Industry Report

After surveying 200+ digital transformation leaders on the matter, we compiled their input into our latest, in-depth report: DX Talent Reimagined. Download now and discover:

  • How organizations are closing the intelligent automation and RPA talent gap
  • Top barriers to recruiting, engaging and upskilling tech talent
  • Why 65% of our respondents expect their digital transformation teams to grow over the next year
  • Why intelligent automation and RPA roles are especially hard to fill
  • Average annual turnover rates, team size and hiring budgets for digital transformation teams
  • Strategies for reducing employee burnout

After surveying 200+ digital transformation leaders on the matter, we compiled their input into our latest, in-depth report: DX Talent Reimagined. Download now and discover:
Download Now
We’re not breaking any news here when we say that the modern recruitment process is, for lack of a better term, broken and, according to a recent SHRM study, 75% of HR leaders agree. Sadly, though many organizations have successfully reimagined and modernized many aspects of the employee experience, the recruitment process has been woefully neglected. 
Time and time again, application tracking systems (ATS) have proven to be unreliable gatekeepers for sourcing new talent. While many recruiters invest the bulk of their time searching LinkedIn and Stack Overflow for passive candidates, this approach has proven to be highly inefficient and ineffective. In fact, only 11% of positions are filled with “individually targeted people” (i.e. passive candidates). 
Increasingly, hiring organizations are embracing new, innovative ways of identifying, assessing and acquiring new tech talent. As you’ll see later on in this report, 22% of our respondents have developed relationships with universities to ensure they engage with potential new hires before they enter the workforce. In addition, 33% said they were investing in upskilling non-tech talent, a sometimes challenging but rewarding (both financially and culturally) endeavor. 
Pamela Mattsson, SVP People and Organizational Development at Outreach (a sales engagement platform), advises, “find talent that not only “meets” your hiring requirements but ‘broadens’ them. We are innovating and sometimes innovation calls for very different thinking and ways of working. We are open to people who may have a unique technical background, or who come from a different company than the larger ones who may have similar ways of working.”
She also emphasizes the need for organizations to continuously reevaluate their interview process and train hiring managers to do the same. As she explained, “Make sure you review the interview structure and the questions being asked so they are relevant and inclusive. Work with hiring managers to ensure that they know that if they have a brain, they have bias, and ways to question their own assumptions and interrupt that bias. 
We also have to understand that the landscape has changed – it’s a candidate market at the moment. It’s a good reminder to show the value of the company, share what the candidate will learn, and what they can teach those around them as equally as they are selling themselves. Everyone (recruiter or hiring manager) is at their present company for a reason – right now is a good time to get very clear with the ‘why’ and be able to articulate that to candidates. Don’t fall back on what you’ve learned or done in the past – keep innovating and look for culture adds. We want people who are curious and have deep technical talent, and have adjusted our interviewing practices to find the signals for those things, we look for potential over pedigree.”
However, while focusing on hiring external candidates for tech roles may be a viable option for large organizations and tech companies flush with cash, except in certain situations, it’s not a viable strategy for most organizations. As the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from 50% to 2X the employee’s annual salary, by and large most organizations are far better off nurturing and upskilling existing tech talent. 

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