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SmartMore leads way for digital transformation in manufacturing – Digital News Asia

SmartMore leads way for digital transformation in manufacturing
The arrival of Industry 4.0 has revolutionised manufacturing and ushered in a myriad of changes that boost efficiency and growth. On Malaysian shores, the phenomenon is expected to accelerate the growth of the manufacturing sector.
With smart manufacturing becoming the focus of manufacturing globally, adopting it would definitely improve business resiliency, reduce uncertainty and achieve better operational and automation excellence in manufacturing.
If you’re unsure on how to begin your smart manufacturing journey, SmartMore is here to guide you on which product is best fit for your industry application!
Who is SmartMore?
SmartMore is a leading vision technology company, focusing on smart manufacturing and digital experience industries.
With solid experience for over 20 years in research and development, the company seeks to “innovate continuously and create value”, in manufacturing optimization, machine vision, creating platforms with greater scalability, broader applications for smart manufacturing and digital innovation.
To date, with its self-developed smart industrial platform, smart sensor products, and smart all-in-one machines, SmartMore has served:
SmartMore leads way for digital transformation in manufacturing
SmartMore has always valued the Malaysia market throughout the years and aims to remain one step ahead in offering their customers innovative and advanced products.
Recently they participated in the Control World Expo and Metaltech physical exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. For Metaltech, visitors can still join the virtual exhibition that will be extended till July 29th.
Below are some of the SmartMore exhibition highlights:
Smart Industrial Platform for manufacturing quality assurance
SmartMore’s Smart Industrial Platform-SMore ViMo (Vision Inspection and More) is an end-to-end vision system for smart manufacturing, designed and developed for industry solutions.
SmartMore leads way for digital transformation in manufacturingThe system component includes data management system, training system, and operating system allowing it to conduct data learning,training, and testing for complex scenarios throughout the production line, including material tracking, defect locating, product quantity counting, multiclass appearance defect detection, and many more.
Already successfully deployed in over 1,000 different application scenarios, the platform has high flexibility to meet the requirements of a variety of demanding industrial visual inspection scenarios.
As the platform is highly flexible and adaptive, manufacturers can obtain some degree of automation at the lowest cost with their existing camera and sensor as long as they are able to meet the pixel requirements for visual inspection.
SmartMore Smart Code Scanner
Did you know that barcodes may not be easily read by common code scanners, especially under harsh conditions?
Some examples of harsh conditions are narrow spaces, fast running production lines, uneven surfaces, dark light, and hard-to-read materials. Hence, to solve these problems, SmartMore has come up with their own smart code scanner series to detect barcodes under these conditions.
Equipped with SmartMore’s proprietary decoding algorithm and preinstalled flexible light sources system, SmartMore’s smart code scanner has:
SmartMore Inside Industrial Products Trading Platform
SmartMore leads way for digital transformation in manufacturingSmartMore Inside is a product brand of SmartMore Corporation focusing on the hardware side, providing industrial products to strengthen machine vision systems and solutions. Their industrial products trading platform:
To summarise, SmartMore addresses many of today’s challenges, covering the whole manufacturing cycle from inventory management to processing and assembly. Further information can be obtained at SmartMore Global, SmartMore Inside.
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